Industries Served

We are generalists and, as such, equipped to meet the needs of a wide variety of clients. With a clientele that includes everything from the most simple individual return to complex, multi-layered business arrangements, we use an integrated approach to provide valuable insight and guidance to each tax issue faced.

There are, however, certain industries where we have specialized expertise:

Real Estate

1031 exchanges and other capital gain deferral methods
Rental real estate ownership and management issues
Passive ownership versus active participation
Real estate sales


Residential construction and small subdivisions
Commercial construction
Construction subcontracting and trades businesses


Purchase, development and ownership of vineyards and orchards
AVA issues and planning
Tax credits related to owning and operating farm businesses

Wine, Beer, & Distilling

Inventory tracking and valuation
Tasting room / tap room point of sale issues
GAAP versus tax income recognition

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We are generalists, serving the needs of everyone from the simplest to the most complex of individual situations, to trusts, and to small and medium sized businesses.

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