Tax Services

We are knowledgeable and creative tax professionals able to tackle all tax situations: individual, partnership/LLC, Corporate, Fiduciary, Gift, and Estate.  In addition to income taxes, we are also expert in sales tax, property tax, and payroll tax issues.

We look beyond the black and white of the IRS code and Regulations.  Court cases continually change the landscape in which we work.  Understanding the most recent tax developments help us minimize your tax liability.

Surprisingly, minimizing the current tax bill isn’t always the preferred answer.  We present options and guide you towards the answer that best meets your needs, both today and in the future.

Consulting Services

Our job as consultants is to provide the best information available to decision makers and serve as a sounding board during the decision making process. This might mean we help fine tune your General Ledger to help focus on high risk areas. Or we may work with you to  make improvements to your managerial reporting. The goal is to look for opportunities to reduce overhead and add efficiencies to make your current and future plans a reality.

Accounting & Compliance Services

Our accounting services take many forms:  Contract controllership, assisting in the hiring of high level staff, QuickBooks consulting, helping you set up your G/L and organizing your overall accounting function.  A lot of our work involves getting the point of sales system to integrate properly to the G/L.

On the compliance side, we prepare financial statement reviews and compilations for our tax clients.  We often see these statements required by loan covenants, construction bonds, or similar situations.

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We are generalists, serving the needs of everyone from the simplest to the most complex of individual situations, to trusts, and to small and medium sized businesses.

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